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Best Food for Losing Weight

Best Food for Losing Weight

Oh, yes. Food is a big factor in losing weight.

In fact, forget about proper exercise or otherwise. We can promise you that good food is the way to go. Trust us, you can completely reduce your activity and spend the day sitting on a chair, BUT you will get SLIM.

All of this courtesy of the proper sort of food. We know how important it is to you to get on top of your weight and that’s why we’re going to help you control your weight. We will start by recommending you the top best foods to consume when it comes to monitoring your weight or trying to shed big kilos.

#1 Whole Eggs – Oh, Give Me Those!

Whole eggs are quite the fetching dietary meal. They may not seem like complicated science but they are linked to lower cholesterol, and they also help you stay on top of your weight. Why and how?

Basically, eggs give you a feeling of fullness. This means that you are far less likely to eat less in the hours to follow, but we must remind you that you should avoid the yoke as it’s a lot of concentrate fat. One yoke a breakfast is quite enough with the rest of the gg being good to go.

#2 Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are very friendly if you are looking to lose weight. They are quite the fetching dietary addition and they will really help you stay on top of your eating habits. They add to the volume of your meals but surprisingly cut out any additional caloric intake right out of your main dishes.

For this reason alone, we recommend them.

#3 Salmon

Salmon is a non-fatty fish that can be consumed in great amounts with any risk to your waistline. It can be rather expensive, but it’s definitely worth eating Salmon at least once a week as opposed to buying a number of bulkier foods that will have a lesser effect on your waistline.

We do advise you to check out this tasty treat.

#4 Boiled Potatoes, Cruciferous Vegetables

If you want and need starch, please go for boiled potatoes. Baked is also a good idea, but you should never tempt yourself into frying them. Don’t add oil to your meal and you will be guarantee yourself a way out of the vicious circle of extra weight.

Boiled potatoes and cruciferous veggies can keep your blood pressure down and they will make for a very healthy diet indeed – one that you will truly appreciate in the long term.

#5 Beans and Legumes

Start yourself on lentils, black beans, kidney beans and enjoy yourself very hearty meals, which will, at the same time keep your belly full. These meals are very popular and they are very cheap and eco-friendly.

When I started losing weight I focused on greeneries, soups, lentils and more – such as cottage cheese.

#6 More Foods to Take into Consideration

There are quite a few foods that you would want to consider when it comes to keep yourself in shape. Nuts are a great source of energy and you will find yourself in quite the hyper-drive after downing a bowl.

Remember, though that nuts are hardly a food that you will want to moderate your intake of the juicy nuts. You should also try and avoid eating after certain hours, but we will discuss this in a separate post.

For now, it suffices to know that as long as you cut out the junk food out of your diet, you are onto a really good thing when it comes to maintaining your weight healthy and yourself happy. Start small, start simple.

#7 Eat Well, But in Moderation

Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself, just do so with the right sort of food. I used to drink a lot of coffee and coke, which was one of the main reasons why I got so big in the first place. Well, mostly the coke, of course.

When I decided to cut the coke out, it took me 2 months to stop reversing. I’ve been coca-cola (or any alternative-free or 3 months now) and I already feel much better. Better yet, I have no desire to drink coca-cola. A small victory – you should try, too!


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