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Staying Slim in Your 30s – Guys Advice

Staying Slim in Your 30s – Guys Advice

Staying Slim in Your 30s – Guys Advice

Are you slightly overweight or even obese? No need to panic, there are easy ways to make sure that you are really shedding kilos.

We are here to give you quite the advice about losing weight. Now, let’s get a few things straight first:

  • There’s no shame in being overweight or obese
  • As long as you are trying to be healthier, that’s okay
  • You should build character and try to follow good advice
  • Don’t give up after a week

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight, we remind you that that’s okay and that you can still lead an active lifestyle that will keep you healthy. This is what matters ultimately. Obesity and overweight are associated with diseases and for a good reason.

This is precisely what we want to avoid today. The fact is that there are way too many diseases that you can really avoid if you focus on keeping yourself healthy and active. This is precisely what we want to do and this is precisely what we want to help you out with.

By committing time and effort to this, you will see how your life is changing for the better.

#1 Cut Out the Bad Food

Starting with the first and perhaps the best advice anyone can ever give you – reduce the intake of bad food. There are many bad foods out there, and unfortunately you probably like all of them:

  • Pizza, burgers, fries
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Chocolate, chocolate waffles and so forth

To be honest, this kind of food is not that bad. But if you do eat it a lot and have a sedentary lifestyle, then you will be gaining a lot of weight that would be difficult to shed.

Before I shed 30 kilos last summer, I weighted 110, which I had gained in a single year because of a very stressful work environment and employment issues. As a result, I ended up gaining so much that it was difficult for me to even breathe.

Following my “big days”, I’ve decided to commit myself to helping people reduce their weight healthily.

#2 Top Advice for Reducing Weight in Men

So, how exactly do you bring yourself to excising all the bad habits from your menu. Look, I will be brutally honest, it’s very difficult.

You will need to completely forget about all sorts of junk food. Heck, you will even have to eat soup and other veggies and greeneries. You don’t have to cut out bread though, even though carbs will keep you “big”.

However, if you do focus on improving your overall feeding habits, you will definitely see immediate improvement. This is where we want to recommend you to focus on the end goal.

As I was a slim guy before, I could see my wardrobe becoming unusable. That was a great stimulant for me and before I knew it, I was actively losing weight which was quite cool.

#3 Fail Starts Are Okay – Don’t Give Up

So, you’ve tried but you ended up cheating, yeah? That’s NO BIG DEAL and we guarantee you that this is no big deal. Anyone who’s tried losing massive amount of weight knows that it’s really difficult to get one’s weight right on the first time.

We do advise you to truly apply yourself and see if you can change things for yourself by continuing your efforts. Try time and again and see where that gets you. It will most likely get you to end results.

I know how hard it can be, but it’s your responsibility to stay on top of your weight – whether it’s because of your self-esteem, looks or your loved ones and the people who rely on you. You will have to be always there and active for them.

We ask of you to truly focus on and continue to work out as much as you can. Do anything to stay healthy – walk, avoid getting on the bus and most importantly – please get enough sound sleep so that you can be on top of all these things that are happening around you day in and day out. Especially when it comes to your lifestyle. s


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